Ligotto is the abbreviation of “life goes on, battle goes on”, the motto of the brand’s founder, Mrs. Mandy Liang.
Mandy was born in an impoverished village in rural China. In her early 20s, She determined to leave her hometown and move to a coastal metropolis ,Guangzhou . In pursuit of a better life with her husband. She first started her career as a textile worker and the life was extremely hard for a young girl doing such a grind especially at a sweatshop in China. But she did not give up and instead, I chose to fight the battle of life from the bottom with unremitting spirit and vigor every single day.
Today, after many years of hard worker, Mandy has become a successful businesswomen from a textile work and has a happy family with two lovely son and daughter ,She now wants to inspire women around the world using her own story that every woman can built up a successful life from the scratch with her own hands; Every woman can be a strong and courageous warrior, to win the battle of life.
Ligotto’s mission is to provide women with fashionable, comfy, and decent-quality clothes at accessible prices, affording every woman easily being beautiful and confident. A beautiful and confident woman is a sharp warrior, not only able to prevail in her life and career but also to make a positive impact on the world.